Welcome to ARSenic Plus, an experimental upgrade to ARSenic, a free, open-source, web-based audience response system created by Michael L. Richardson, M.D..

ARSenic Plus has an extremely simple interface, and does not require a login by students or teachers. Just point your students toward the student view and your teacher toward the teacher view on the right side of this page.


Students can do three, count'em three things:

  1. refresh the screen
  2. enter their thoughts
  3. indicate an area of interest on the displayed image by touching (phone or tablet) or clicking (computer) the screen.


In addition to everything the students can do, teachers have three additional god-like powers:

  1. clear the answer list
  2. clear all image annotations
  3. select a new interactive image to display

Sample images:

A number of sample images have been included on this site for demonstration purposes. For security purposes, the ability to upload new images to the site is limited to the site administrator.

Along with the sample medical images, a few other handy images have been included:

  1. "white_pixel.jpg" - can be used to present a blank white screen to the audience
  2. "Likert_Scale.jpg" - an all purpose 5-point visual Likert scale for sentiment analysis
  3. "North_America_map.jpg" - a map of North America. At the beginning of a nation-wide online interactive teaching session, we use this image as an ice-breaker image, in which we ask the audience to indicate where they are logging in from.
  4. "World_map.jpg" - We use this slide as an ice-breaker when presenting an online session to an international audience.

Source code:

For anyone daring enough to want to install and run ARSenic Plus on their own server, complete source code for ARSenic Plus is available upon request from the author.