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-====Harborview Dictation Pearls==== 
-===Read the following=== 
-  *All ortho unread worklist 
-  *Commissure log-on gives you the option to be “resident” or “attending.” ​ You can just log-on as resident but put yourself as staff for plain films once you are no longer checking them out with staff, but remember to re-login as the attending to sign all those reports in your queue. ​ This at least prevents multiple re-logins during the day when you get the intermittent cross-sectionals. 
-===Added Harborview responsibilities=== 
-  *Protocol CT, MRI and approve image guided MSK procedures (eg, subtalar joint steroid injections). ​ On the PACS homepage, go to RISC Protocol List.  Filters can be set up to show the upcoming CT, MR and procedures that need to be approved. 
-  *Peer review. ​ Done through Commissure. 
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