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-====Roosevelt Area Eateries====+======Roosevelt Area Eateries====== 
 +===== In-House ===== 
 +The espresso shop in the lobby sells soup, sandwiches and snacks from 8 am til 5:30 pm. 
 +After hours, there is a coke machine and snack machine on the first floor in the hallway to the right, behind the reception desk. 
 +===== Nearby ===== 
 +==== Trinity Market ==== 
 +Located 1 block north of UWMC Roosevelt at [[http://​​maps/​place?​hl=en&​client=safari&​rls=en&​um=1&​ie=UTF-8&​q=trinity+market+roosevelt&​fb=1&​gl=us&​hq=trinity+market+roosevelt&​hnear=Seattle,​+WA&​cid=15363153608306012119|4301 Roosevelt Way NE]].  They have all sorts of snacks, chips and beverages, and make awesome hot sandwiches. 
 +They take call-in orders at (206) 659-0934, and their menu is online on [[http://​​pages/​Trinity-Market-and-Deli/​319399609449|their Facebook page]]. ​ They are open every day from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm, and specialize in local, organic and sustainable food. 
 +They will also take call-in orders at (206) 547-8230, and their menu is online on [[http://​​Portage_Bay_Cafe/​Seattle_Brunch,​_Breakfast,​_Lunch_Menus__Portage_Bay_Cafe.html|their webpage]]. 
 +==== Portage Bay Cafe ==== 
 +Located about 2 blocks south of UWMC Roosevelt at [[http://​​maps?​client=safari&​rls=en&​oe=UTF-8&​um=1&​ie=UTF-8&​q=portage+bay+cafe+u+district&​fb=1&​gl=us&​hq=portage+bay+cafe+u+district&​hnear=Seattle,​+WA&​cid=0,​0,​8512620561937221439&​ei=U68lTI2wDeSxnAfL94W9Bg&​sa=X&​oi=local_result&​ct=image&​resnum=4&​ved=0CCYQnwIwAw|4130 Roosevelt Way NE]].  They specialize in  
 +===== University District ===== 
 +The U District is filled with zillions of restaurants selling large portions at a cheap price. ​ A few faculty and fellow faves are listed forthwith... 
 +Thaiger Room 
 +[[http://​​maps?​saddr=%20&​daddr=4228+University+Way+NE+Seattle+Washington|4228 University Way NE]] 
 +Seatle, WA 98105 
 +(206) 632-9299 
 +MOD (Made On Demand) Pizza 
 +[[http://​​maps?​saddr=%20&​daddr=1414+NE+42nd+St+Seattle+Washington|1414 NE 42nd St]] 
 +Seattle, Washington 
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