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-====Roosevelt Dictation Pearls==== 
-  *MSK Roosevelt Worklist 
-  *MSK Support Service MD – the UW on-call resident will wet-read cross-sectional imaging overnight, but we do the final read first thing the following morning. ​ Mark the resident and yourself as the “contributing” physicians, and your staff as the “responsible” physician. 
-  *Remember, for all cross-sectionals,​ the residents and fellows are “contributing.” ​ The exception is for procedures…the fellow that performed or supervised a resident is the “responsible” radiologist and the staff you reviewed the images with is a “contributor.” 
-  *Save your reports as “preliminary.” Don’t “sign” (unless you’re “responsible” for procedures),​ or it will go into electronic no-man’s land. 
-  *Never, ever, ever, ever, ever put an ER dictation in "​DRAFT"​ mode -- this is equivalent to electronic no-man'​s land until an attending signs it off.  ​ 
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