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Sports Medicine

Pelvis, Groin and Hip

  • Imaging Review of Groin Pain in Elite Athletes: An Anatomic Approach to Imaging Findings. Koulouris G. AJR 2008;191:962-972. A very nice review of the many things causing groin pain in an athlete, and how to image them.


  • Rotator-Cuff Failure. Matsen FA 3rd. N Engl J Med 2008;358:2138-2147. A recent review of a common clinical problem from one of the leading experts in orthopaedics.


  • How I diagnose meniscal tears on knee MRI. De Smet AA. AJR 2012;199:481-499. An excellent review of the diagnosis of meniscal tears by one of the true Jedi of MSK radiology.
  • Huang G-S, Lee C-H, Chan WP, Lee H-S, Chen C-Y, Yu JS. Acute anterior cruciate ligament stump entrapment in anterior cruciate ligament tears: MR imaging appearance. Radiology. 2002 Nov;225(2):537–40.
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