Arthrography Equipment

You will need certain equipment to do arthrography. Here's what we use:

  • anesthetic solution
    • 1% lidocaine
    • sodium bicarbonate solution to buffer the lidocaine (about 0.5 ml added to 10 ml of lidocaine is common).
  • contrast solution
    • gadolinium solution
    • 1% lidocaine
    • iodine-based contrast
  • needles
    • needles of various sizes for preparing local anesthesia and contrast solutions and for accessing the joint
  • syringes
    • 1 ml and 20 ml for preparing contrast solution
    • 10 ml for preparing local anesthetic solution
  • sterile tubing to connect contrast syringe to needle
  • sterile towels or drapes for preparing a clean work area
  • local antiseptic solution (we currently use Chlora-prep sticks)