Vascular Anatomy of the Upper Extremity


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Right artery Left artery
BCA brachiocephalic (innominate)
RCCA right common carotid LCCA left common carotid
RECA right external carotid LECA left external carotid
RICA right internal carotid LICA left internal carotid
RSCA right subclavian LSCA left subclavian
RVA right vertebral LVA left vertebral
RIntTA right internal thoracic LIntTA left internal thoracic
RTCT right thyrocervical trunk LTCT left thyrocervical trunk
RInfThyA right inferior thyroid LInfThyA left inferior thyroid
RTransCervA right transverse cervical LTransCervA left transverse cervical
RSubscapA right subscapular LSubscapA left subscapular
RCCT right costocervical trunk LCCT left costocervical trunk
RHighIntecostA right highest intercostal LHighIntecostA left highest intercostal
RDpCrvA right deep cervical LDpCrvA left deep cervical
RDScapA right dorsal scapular LDScapA left dorsal scapular
RAxA right axillary LAxA left axillary
RSupThorA right superior (supreme) thoracic LSupThorA left superior (supreme) thoracic
RThorAcrA right thoracoacromial LThorAcrA left thoracoacromial
RClavA right clavicular LClavA left clavicular
RAcromA right acromial LAcromA left acromial
RDeltA right deltoid LDeltA left deltoid
RPecA right pectoral LPecA left pectoral
RLatThorA right lateral thoracic LLatThorA left lateral thoracic
RSubScapA right subscapular LSubScapA left subscapular
RCircScapA right circumflex scapular LCircScapA left circumflex scapular
RThDorA right thoracodorsal LThDorA left thoracodorsal
RAntHumCircA right anterior humeral circumflex LAntHumCircA left anterior humeral circumflex
RPostHumCircA right posterior humeral circumflex LPostHumCircA left posterior humeral circumflex
RBrachA right brachial LBrachA left brachial
RDpArtofArm right deep artery of arm LDpArtofArm left deep artery of arm
RRadCollatA right radial collateral LRadCollatA left radial collateral
RMidCollatA right middle collateral LMidCollatA left middle collateral
RNutHumA right nutrient humeral LNutHumA left nutrient humeral
RSupUlnCollatA right superior ulnar collateral LSupUlnCollatA left superior ulnar collateral
RInfUlnCollatA right inferior ulnar collateral LInfUlnCollatA left inferior ulnar collateral
RMuscBranchesA right muscular branch LMuscBranchesA leftmuscular branch
RRadA right radial artery LRadA left radial artery
RRadRecurrA right radial recurrent LRadRecurrA left radial recurrent
RUlnA right ulnar LUlnA left ulnar
RAntUlnRecurrA right anterior ulnar recurrent LAntUlnRecurrA left anterior ulnar recurrent
RPostUlnRecurrA right posterior ulnar recurrent LPostUlnRecurrA left posterior ulnar recurrent
RCommInterossA right common interosseous LCommInterossA left common interosseous
RRecurrInterossA right recurrent interosseous LRecurrInterossA left recurrent interosseous
RDpPalmArchA right deep palmar arch LDpPalmArchA left deep palmar arch
RSupPalmArchA right superficial palmar arch LSupPalmArchA left superficial palmar arch