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Harborview Area Eateries

The bone throne at Harborview is currently located adjacent to the MR scanner on the 3rd floor of the Ninth & Jefferson Building (NJB). There is nothing to eat there that you didn't bring yourself.

Closest hospital food sources

Coke and snack machines - tunnel level of elevator to (NJB) parking garage.

Soup and sandwiches - Maleng Building next door, 1st floor. To get there, you can walk across the street or take the underground tunnel via the parking elevator.

Hospital cafeteria - located in the main Harborview building, deep in the heart of the hospital. The route there from NJB is too complex for mere words – flag down a native guide and ask for help.

Conference food - some conferences provide pizza or other grub. Our residents are a great source for finding these free food sources in the hospital, no matter how obscurely located or how arcanely publicized.

Extra-hospitular food sources

International District

If you are willing to walk 5 - 10 blocks down to the I District, there is plenty of awesome Asian food down there. The main problems are 1) finding the time to get away and 2) slogging back up the hill to HMC with a full tummy.

Broadway Area

There are sundry restaurants along Broadway (about 4 blocks northeast of NJB), such as Yasuko's Teriyaki.

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