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Harborview Dictation Pearls

Code for 3NJB Reading Room

  • 35613561

Read the following

  • All ortho unread worklist
  • Commissure log-on gives you the option to be “resident” or “attending.” You can just log-on as resident but put yourself as staff for plain films once you are no longer checking them out with staff, but remember to re-login as the attending to sign all those reports in your queue. This at least prevents multiple re-logins during the day when you get the intermittent cross-sectionals.

Added Harborview responsibilities

  • Protocol CT, MRI and approve image guided MSK procedures (eg, subtalar joint steroid injections). On the PACS homepage, go to RISC Protocol List. Filters can be set up to show the upcoming CT, MR and procedures that need to be approved.
  • Peer review. Done through Commissure.
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