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Here's the scoop on HMC call as of the 2009-10 academic year

On Friday, check with the MR techs to see when the first contrast study is scheduled at Roosevelt. This is the time you must be physically present to monitor the injections. Apparently they sometimes don't have any contrast studies, so you could work at HMC or come in later if you wanted.

While you are at Roosevelt, you can log in via the back computer in the corner (the one by itself). The stand alone computer is hooked up to commissure and the other standard workstation will get you into GE PACS. Don't forget to use the drop down menu to select HMC on the GE PACS login. Another thing to remember is that there are 2 microphones on the back computer. Only one will work with Commissure.

The worklists you are responsible for reading are the regular “ortho unread” list (read the xrays; cross sectional is optional), the CHEST ALL UNREAD, the ABDOMEN ALL UNREAD (except the ERCP, retrograde urograms, instrument counts). You are responsible for reading all the studies until 0930 on sunday and those done “until you leave on sunday” according to Dr. Chew. My take: the earlier on sunday you start, the fewer after 0930 you will have to read.

Commissure and the PACS are not integrated at Roosevelt like they are at HMC. At Roosevelt, have to speak the acc number into commisure and say, “search” (pause before you say search or it will type “6”). Proceed with dictation. Dr. Chew has some macros you can copy, but sometimes this takes longer than just dictating from scratch.

For unexpected findings, urgent findings, etc, you should call someone. There is an HMC phone list with patient location number and numbers to the ICU units pinned to the bulletin board in the back reading room and a copy should be uploaded on this google docs account. The people at the patient location or admitting numbers can tell you where the pt is and transfer you to them.

After you have read a hundred or so crappy cxrs and blobby abd feeding tube films, go reward yourself with ice cream, cupcakes or some other delicious treat. You deserve it. (Reading fracture f/u films is never so enjoyable!)

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