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MSK Call Responsibilities

Parking at HMC

  • Get an “on-call” parking pass for the NJB parking lot at Harborview.
  • Make sure you get the IT guys to set up gateways on your home computer (‘barry’ and ‘statler’) so you can review studies from home.

Answering the pager

  • Mainly MR/CT protocol questions from the technologists
  • Occasionally will have to approve MRI at UW (schedule in the day if possible, otherwise the on-call tech has to come in from home at night)
  • Schedule or come in for procedures (eg, joint aspirations). Biopsies will only get done with MSK staff, at HMC only.
  • May get asked to overread studies from the oncall resident or from an ED staff

Weekend dictations

  • Contrast reaction coverage at Roosevelt (0900-1500)
  • HMC inpatient chest and abdomen radiographs
  • HMC bone unread list (?optional, but helps out the Monday Harborview fellow. (Plain films only, but in theory you could get called regarding inpatient cross-sectionals over the weekend. If you see them, you may want to look at them without necessarily doing a full dictation.)

Handy phone numbers

  • UW on-call resident: 598-2068
  • UW ER Radiology: 598-8831
  • UW pager operator: 598-6190
  • UW on-call MRI tech: 598-0719
  • UW fluoro scheduling: 598-2029/7495
  • UW MR/CT scheduling: 598-6214
  • HMC on-call resident (trauma reading room): 744-3651
  • HMC pager operator: 731-3000/4667
  • Roosevelt front desk: 598-6868
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