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Orthopedic Surgery-Radiology Correlation Conference

3rd Wednesday of the month, 0630 – 0800 RR202 (Radiology conference room, UWMC)

If you’re lucky, you’ve been given a few cases ahead of time. Put them in your folder on Centricity PACS and review them like you would for sarcoma conference. Otherwise, be prepared to review anatomy and pertinent findings on the fly during the conference (typical).

How to get to the conference room

  • From UWMC main entrance (enters on 3rd floor), turn right
  • Head toward the Pacific elevators, but continue to the right of them and go to the BB elevators on the left
  • Take the BB elevators down to the 2nd floor
  • Depending on which side of the hall your elevator was on (or, if you’re facing the restrooms, turn right) head into the radiology department (RR wing)
  • Make a quick zig-zag to the right
  • The radiology conference room RR202 (apparently there’s another one somewhere else) will be the first room on the left.
  • Door code is 1776. Prop door or be prepared to keep opening it for people, it will relock. Good idea to prop the other door as well as most people seem to come in from that direction.

To set up the computer

  • Touch screen on the back left of the podium. The projector and LCD flatscreen will automatically turn on. They will say “no signal.”
  • [If nothing happens, it’s because the main computer isn’t on (unusual to be off). Take the white knob thing that sits on the top of the podium and touch it to the upper left corner of the front of the podium (it’s a magnetic lock. Cool). Turn on the top computer (the lower one is not hooked up to the network). Retry the touch screen. This is also the computer to load CD/DVDs.]
  • Use your AMC logon.
  • [If you’ve got no Centricity PACS or internet on the desktop, you’re on the second computer (the lower of the two in the podium). To correct this, select “computer” from the touchscreen. There’s a button just underneath that with a lot of words…it will toggle between the upper computer, the lower computer and 2 black screens if you keep touching it. Keep touching it until the desktop with Centricity PACS icon shows up.]
  • On the touchscreen, press the “computer” button (top left), then select “send to projector” and “send to flatscreen.” Your podium computer should now project.
  • For USB, a drive port is present in the back right corner of the podium top.
  • A laptop cable is present (PC). If you have a Mac, an adapter is there, but it’s the old kind that may not work with newer Macs. Bring your own adapter. On the touchscreen, press “laptop” and project to flatscreen +/- LCD. Just to the LCD gives you better resolution of ortho’s intraop images/video, plus you still have the projector linked to the “computer” for Centricity PACS direct correlation.

I recommend doing a recon mission prior to your first time over there to make sure this all works…no support staff available at 0630. During the day, admin assistant is in RR 215 (further down the hall on the right, probably doesn’t know the AV system), or Bill Freeberg in IT (very helpful, phone number 598-5130).

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