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Parking & Buses

If you plan to drive to work, the best deal is parking at 4225 Roosevelt garage. It's $85 month for 24/7 access via swipe card. Always park here for working at Roosevelt as well as Harborview…the I-5 commute is brutal, and parking is quite expensive at HMC.

The FREE shuttle bus to HMC leaves from right in front of 4225 Roosevelt Way to HMC at :09, :24, :39 and :54 past the hour. Quite prompt. It leaves HMC for UWMC at :15, :30: :45 and :00. All shuttle stops and times are visible online here.

Metrobus 66 leaves from the same stop and goes down Eastlake, through downtown, past Pike Place to the Ferry terminal. For other trips, check out the Metro Trip Planner.

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