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Roosevelt Dictation Pearls


  • Main MSK Roosevelt Worklist is “MSK UNREAD”
  • MSK Support Service MD – the UW on-call resident will wet-read cross-sectional imaging overnight, but we do the final read first thing the following morning. Mark the resident and yourself as the “contributing” physicians, and your staff as the “responsible” physician. Delete the “support service” row.
  • Remember, for all cross-sectionals, the residents and fellows are “contributing.” The exception is for procedures…the fellow that performed or supervised a resident is the “responsible” radiologist and the staff you reviewed the images with is a “contributor.”
  • Save your reports as “preliminary.” Don’t “sign” (unless you’re “responsible” for procedures), or it will go into electronic no-man’s land.
  • Never, ever, ever, ever, ever put an ER dictation in “DRAFT” mode – this is equivalent to electronic no-man's land until an attending signs it off.
  • SPINE MRI: MSK will read all Southcenter Imaging spine MRI, everyday. We read the lumbar spine MRI performed at Roosevelt (only) on the even days of the month.
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