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Lisabeth’s Guide to Sarcoma Conference

Cases can be prepared on a 1-monitor stand-alone PACS station in the Roosevelt’s Back Reading Room; the one on the right as you walk in the door.


  • Find “Sarcoma Conference” folder.
  • Select all current studies in that folder and transfer to Sarcoma Conference archives folder.
  • Visit “Sarcoma Conference” folder again.
  • Select all studies in that folder and delete. You now have an empty folder.

Individual Cases

Essential steps to successfully set up later in the 30 minutes UWMC will give you.

  • Go to “All exams”.
  • Select from the list of patient numbers.
  • Open up the patient’s records.
  • Bookmark it the way you want it presented at tumor board.
  • Useful presentation may mean 3-on-1 with the X-ray or MRI pre and post-contrast; some triptych of images that makes sense in the presentation of the patient. For example: initial x-ray of tumor, MRI of tumor, and CT with lung metastases. (Don’t forget to check for chest CTs!) Bookmark. Save into Sarcoma Conference folder.
  • Before closing the study, check that you can click on it in the Sarcoma Conference list, and that it appears as desired.
  • Repeat until all studies are in the Sarcoma Conference folder.

One of the reason the triptych helps is that you can reference all three easily.

At The Venue

The first time you go, you may need to ask an administrative assistant assist you with turning on the equipment. Walk up to the podium & touch the touch-screen. It will give you a selection. Choose:

  • PC
  • Rad PC
  • Projector with multiple options; select “Both”
  • Login w/ NetID
  • Open Centricity application
  • Sequentially open all cases from your Sarcoma Conference folder and navigate through the open exams.
  • If for some reason the system crashes, you’re saved if your studies were bookmarked beforehand as outlined above.

As people arrive and the room fills us, the presenter (the Orthopaedic Oncology Fellow) the Radiologist presents imaging findings, followed by the Pathologist’s findings and then between the multi-disciplinary review the treatment plan is made.


Pace yourself. You’ll need to cover a number of cases in an hour. Keep descriptions brief. Long, extended differential diagnosis is unnecessary.

How to Get There

  • Take the 11:15am shuttle labeled “UWMC” arriving at 11:23am.
  • Cross Pacific Street and enter the hospital at the main entrance (information desk straight ahead).
  • Turn left and walk past the hospital gift shop.
  • Turn right just you finish passing the shop and walk down the hallway passing an espresso stand on your left and you’ll be at the Cascade elevators. Landmark: sound sculpture.
  • Wait for the elevators down to the 1st floor or take the stairs (faster).
  • On the 1st floor outside the Cascade elevators, turn right through the pair of automatic double doors, veer right and then veer left (not really a choice, luckily) following the twisting corridor, with signs above reading Plaza Café (although you will not go as far).
  • There will be a right turn and Anatomic Pathology, NE110, will be right in front of you.
  • Room K is within. If you get lost, call the Secretary Virginia Lore (206.598.2037), or myself (206-598-2982).
  • Alternate (faster? and takes you past Plaza Cafe if you need a snack prior to conf): Enter the main hospital entrance but turn RIGHT to the Pacific Elevators. Go down to the 1st floor and turn right off the elevators, following signs for the Cascade elevators. Anatomic Pathology will be on your left.

This may change….may not do RadOnc in the afternoons. Check with Savannah or Dr. Chew for the schedule. You will have lunch at 1 pm with the Radiation Oncology group, whose group attends each Sarcoma Conference, and spend most of the rest of the day with that group.

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