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Normal Anatomy


  • MR Imaging of Ligament and Tendon Injuries of the Fingers. Clavero JA, Alomar X, Monill JM, Esplugas M, Golanó P, Mendoza M, Salvador A. Radiographics. 2002;22:237-256.. A nicely illustrated review of finger anatomy, with great MR correlation with anatomy and pathology.
  • Pulley System in the Fingers: Normal Anatomy and Simulated Lesions in Cadavers at MR Imaging, CT, and US with and without Contrast Material Distention of the Tendon Sheath. Hauger O, Chung CB, Lektrakul N, Botte MJ, Trudell D, Boutin RD, Resnick D. Radiology. 2000;217:201-212.. A nicely illustrated review of the pulley system of the finger, with MR correlation.
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