A Web-based Tutorial for Teaching the Schatzker Classification for Tibial Plateau Fractures

Adam P. Myhre, M.D.

Michael L. Richardson, M.D.

University of Washington
Department of Radiology
Seattle, WA

Tibial plateau fractures represent a complex injury to the knee. At our institution, these fractures are classified by radiologists and orthopedic surgeons using the Schatzker classification system. This classification helps separate the fractures into groups with similar mechanisms and patterns which will have similar treatment options.

Many factors make each fracture unique and may influence what treatment is indicated. Some of these factors include:

  • degree of displacement
  • degree of comminution
  • associated soft tissue and ligamentous injuries
  • associated neurovascular injuries
  • open/closed status of fracture
Despite these variables, the Schatzker classification remains a good starting point for treatment planning. [ References ]

Schatzker I Lateral split CT 3D VR
Schatzker II Split with depression CT 3D VR
Schatzker III Pure lateral depression CT 3D VR
Schatzker IV Pure medial depression CT 3D VR
Schatzker V Bicondylar CT 3D VR
Schatzker VI Split extends to metadiaphysis CT 3D VR