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Ground Rules and Instructions

How to get a login/password

E-mail the currently designated ECC Wiki-master, Mike Richardson, who will confirm you are a current SSR member and create your account with authoring privileges.

How to report unprofessional, HIPAA non-compliant or offensive content
  • E-mail the current ECC chair, Mike Richardson
  • Questionable material will be removed within 24 hours and tracked back to the author.
  • If you have editing privileges, email a screen shot of the content to the current Wiki-master and ECC Chair, then delete the content off the site.
  • Authorship privileges of offenders will be immediately suspended and can only be reinstated by the Executive committee.
How to edit the wiki
  • Watch the SSR Wiki Demo flash video
  • All the tools you need are along the top of the box on the edit screen. Just start clicking and previewing. You'll figure it out.
  • Use an internal link (chain without the globe button) to make a new page. Save. You'll be prompted to add content to the newly named page when you click on that new page from the regular page view.
  • Upload images and documents using the icon that looks like a picture frame while in edit mode. Leave the separate upload window open. Put your cursor on the page where you want the document inserted. Double click the document you just uploaded and it will be added to your page.
  • The subheading style on the pages is “H5.”
  • Review the "syntax" instructional link at the top of each page when in the edit mode.
  • If all else fails, copy and paste from the edit screens of other pages to make your pages look good.
How to participate in the wiki
  • Have fun.
  • Don't worry about messing things up.
  • Go ahead and change things that have already been written by other people. You don't need permission. This is how wiki content evolves.
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