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University of Washington
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Seattle, Washington

Joseph Tang, M.D.

Michael L. Richardson, M.D.

Welcome to the Interactive Learning Module of the Letournel-Judet Classification for Acetabular Fractures on CT

The Letournel-Judet classification of acetabular fractures can be difficult to categorize on computed tomography (CT) because it was conceptualized from the lateral view of a hemipelvis. Proper treatment depends on accurate imaging assessment, as the injury pattern dictates the surgical approach. Our goals are to review the normal CT anatomy of the acetabulum and to help you recognize acetabular fractures according to the Letournel-Judet classification system. Mastery of this scheme will facilitate communication with orthopedists and enable appropriate and effective clinical management.

  1. Begin this learning module with a quiz on your knowledge of acetabular fractures using the Letournel-Judet classification system.

  2. Then, review the normal acetabular anatomy by scrolling through the interactive CT atlas in different orientations.

  3. Continue on to learn about the column principle that was used to devise the naming convention.

  4. Next, read about posterior wall, both column, and transverse fractures to get an in-depth understanding of the most common fracture patterns.

  5. You can also scroll through the respective interactive atlases to view an example of each fracture on CT in the different orientations.

  6. After a summary of the key points of this module, take the quiz again to assess your understanding of the Letournel-Judet classification of acetabular fractures.