Posterior Wall Fracture Both Column Fracture Transverse Fracture
Graphical representation
Axial CT image at the tectum
3D volume-rendered image
Fracture Line Orientation on Axial Images through the Tectum Obliquely-oriented Coronally-oriented Sagittally-oriented
Columns Fractured None Anterior and Posterior Anterior and Posterior
Iliac Wing Intact Fractured Intact
Ischiopubic Ramus Intact Fractured Intact
Mechanism Forces applied to a flexed knee Mixed forces Forces applied in adduction or adduction
Prevalence 13 - 27% 19 - 29% 9 - 11%
variants = 35 - 37%
Associations Posterior hip dislocation
Marginal impactions
Central hip dislocation
The spur sign
Central hip dislocation
Variants N/A N/A Transverse-posterior wall (20%)
T-type fractures (6 %)