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Radiology Residency Leave Policies

Reference from UW Radiology Residency Leave Policies

General Leave Guidelines

  • Please coordinate all leave through Program Coordinator Savannah Goodwin during MSK rotation. Leave arranged through attendings or other administrative staff will not be considered.
  • Leave should be requested at least one month prior to first day of absence.
  • Leave is granted on a first come, first served basis. Please plan your leave as early in the year as possible. Many holidays reach capacity as early as August or September of each year.
  • The academic year runs through June 30th
  • Residents may miss one week of any rotation for vacation leave. The only exceptions that will be considered are for those getting married. Two week vacations should be shared between two different rotations.

Black out dates

  • Leave will not be granted during the last two weeks of June (with the exception of R5 residents) or during the weeks of RSNA, ARRS, AUR, and ABR board exams.
  • Leave will not be granted during the weeks of SSR and UW Radiology Review Course in MSK section.
  • Leave will not be granted during residency exams, including ABR written exams (physics and clinical), ACR In-Training exams, R2 and R4 practical exams, and R5 Mock Board exam.

Fellowship Interviews

R4 residents are granted four administrative days for fellowship interviews. Please schedule interview days as far in advance as possible.


Resident receive the following holidays: Please refer UW Dept. of Radiology Holiday schedules.

HMC/ASER Emergency Radiology and UW Review Courses

  • R3 and R4 residents are encouraged to attend one of two University of Washington conferences: HMC Emergency Radiology Course (August) or the UW Radiology Review Course (March). The first two days of the ER course will be covered free of charge. The entire Radiology Review Course will be covered free of charge. The conference will be coded as “administrative leave” and will not count as “conference leave.” Leave will be automatically granted, but an online leave form must be submitted. This applies to R3 and R4 residents only.
  • R2 and R5 residents are welcome to attend either course—however, residents are responsible for paying all course fees and using “conference leave” for attendance. Additionally, a leave form must be submitted and will be dependent on prior section approval. Please submit form as early in the year as possible.

Job Interviews

Administrative leave for job interviews is at Program Director’s discretion. Please contact Program Coordinator Alex Nelson to schedule job interviews.

Jury Duty

All residents are granted automatic administrative time for jury duty. Please contact Program Coordinator Alex Nelson as soon as dates are confirmed. Residents may keep any compensation from jury duty.

R5 Leave

  • R5 administrative days: All R5 residents are granted two extra administrative days during their last year. They are intended to provide an extra cushion for those relocating for jobs and fellowships, but may be used for any purpose throughout the year. They may be scheduled Monday through Friday, but may not be couched within a weekend or holiday (Friday and Monday, for example). All R5 days must be scheduled through the online leave form at least one month prior to requested dates.
  • Board exams: R5s generally receive exam dates from the ABR four to six weeks prior to the exam. Please submit a leave request immediately upon arrival. You may take up to two days before the exam and one day following as “administrative leave.”
  • End of June: R5 residents must request vacation leave for the end of their rotation in June if moving or attending a fellowship.

Ski Day

All residents are strongly encouraged to attend ski day. Time away will be coded as “administrative leave” for those attending. Those who choose not to attend are expected to report to services. Any other approved leave will be recorded as vacation or sick time.

General Vacation Leave

  • Residents receive twenty one (21) days of vacation leave each year, six (6) weekend days and fifteen (15) week days, for a total of twenty one days.
  • Unused vacation days do not carry forward to the following year.
  • Weekend days must be used for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. They cannot be converted to weekdays. When a resident is on extended sick leave, weekends will be recorded as sick days (e.g., if a resident is sick on Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday, then Saturday and Sunday must be reported as weekend sick days as well). Additionally, when a resident is sick the day preceding and the day following a holiday, the holiday will be counted as a weekend sick day.

General Sick Leave

  • If sick, please call Program Director Angelisa Paladin at (206) 604-2057.
  • Please notify Program Coordinator Savannah Goodwin and your affected attendings as early as possible.
  • MSK section follows Dept. of Radiology policies regarding sick leave (including maternity and paternity leave), general conference and administrative leave.
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