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  • Medication policy should be administered with the referring MD's approval.
  • Patient should call his/her physician who prescribed the medications.

Blood Thinners

Procedures NSAIDS, AspirinCoumadinOthers*
ArthrogramsNo restrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
Steroid injectionNo restrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
Joint aspirationStop 5 days prior to procedureStop 5 days prior to procedureASee below
Bone biopsyStop 5 days prior to procedureStop 5 days prior to procedureBSee below


Plavix / Clopidogrel:

Hold 7 days prior

Ticlid / Ticlopidine:

Hold 14 days prior

Lovenox / LHMH:

  • Hold 12 hours if taking prophylactic dose.
  • Hold 24 hours if taking treatment dose.

A: No need to check INR

B: Check INR on the day of procedure


No restrictions are necessary.

Contrast Allergy

Follow UW radiology premedication policies.


  1. NPO is not necessary for arthrograms, steroid injections and joint aspirations.
  2. 6 hours of NPO is required for bone biopsies.
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